LOOP Hotel Awards 2022

The Awards Process

The LOOP Hotel Awards break the paradigm of Hotel Awards: all the hotels will be judged and voted by renowned professionals in the fields of architecture, design, travel, photography. LOOP is awarded to the best Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Villas and Retreats around the world over 147 categories competing in four different layers: International , Continental, Regional and Country.


LOOP Hotel Awards accept self-nominations from Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Villas and Retreats from all countries. Our team will carefully review and evaluate all nominated entries to qualify them for participation. All the successfully qualified Hotels will be officially invited to enter the LOOP Hotel Awards. All Nominated Hotels will also be automatically invited to enter the following year edition with special discount.
Our team will make direct nomination invitations to a selected group of hotels based on our extensive research during the year.


All the registration and self-nomination process is done online through registration forms but you can also contact our team to assist you directly with the registration or self-nomination procedure – nominations@loophotelawards.com – After registration, our team will guide you through the next steps of LOOP Hotel Awards.

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All entries compete on four different geographic levels, selected by participants:
International Level – Include all continents, regions and countries.
Continental Level – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia.
Regions Level – Northern America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Northern Africa, West & Central Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Central & South Asia, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Australasia, South Pacific & Oceania.
Countries Level – Include all 195 recognized countries.

Only entries competing in the same geographic level compete against each other.
International level is applied by default to all participating Hotels, while Continental, Region and Country level is available as an option.


The LOOP Hotel Awards Winners are carefully selected by our Honorable and prestigious Jury of Professional Architects, Designers, Travellers, Editors and Photographers. The judging process for the LOOP Hotel Awards is designed to reflect the great qualities and differences of all the submitted Hotels. Our exceptional panel of jurors will be asked to rate and evaluate each of the Nominated Entry based on their diverse qualities and take into consideration a lot of many different aspects:


Hotels that stand out in overall evaluation will have a great chance of winning the so aspired LOOP Hotel Awards.


Winning the LOOP Hotels Awards is a great achievement that will bring prestige and international recognition to your property.
Your property will be able to reach new international audiences, clients or press members.

The winners of the LOOP Hotel Awards are all eligible to receive the Exclusive and Customized LOOP Winners Trophy and Winners Package:
– LOOP Winners Trophy – Exclusive and Customized Trophy.
– Framed Winner Certificate.
– Published in LOOP Yearbook – a luxury edition with the world’s best hotels.
– Featured in Winners directory throughout the year and a lifetime customised winner page
– International Press Release
– Featured in LOOP Social Networks throughout the year
– Winners Badge for all property promotions


All the LOOP Hotel Awards Nominees and Winners are going to be announced online in LOOP Hotel Awards website and also through all our social platforms and media partners.

Winners announcement timeline:

Nominees announcement
Finalists announcement
Winners announcement – Country Winners, Region Winners, Continental Winners and International Winners

We decided not to organize a winning ceremony or an award gala. We believe that all the galas and events are incredibly nice but they make the awards extremely expensive for all the participants. We will focus all the promotion and announcements through online events and online platforms. This measure will highly contribute to make LOOP Hotel Awards an Environmentally friendly award, reducing all the unnecessary travels, inspections and meetings, reducing in large scale the LOOP Awards Carbon Footprint.


All the winners of LOOP Hotel Awards 2022 will be featured in the luxury edition of LOOP Yearbook. A finest hard-cover book with the world’s best hotels. Every winner will receive one complimentary copy of the LOOP Yearbook as part of the Winners Package to showcase at their hotel.


LOOP Hotel Awards established a Nomination fee of 650€ per Hotel to all confirmed Nominated Hotels.
The fee includes all the winners package, winners trophy, framed winner certificate, one complementary copy of LOOP Yearbook, one winning level (International Level), one entry category and all the global marketing and exposure throughout the year.
We will also require a 3-night complimentary voucher, which will be used for marketing promotion of the property – vouchers will be rewarded online to selected LOOP Awards followers.

LOOP Hotel Awards Optional Items Fees:
– Add one extra winning Level (Continental, Regional or Country Level) – 100€ per level per Hotel
– Add one extra entry category – 150€ per entry Category per Hotel
– Additional Winners Trophy – 250€ per trophy + shipping
– Additional LOOP Yearbook copy – 150€ per copy + shipping
– Additional Framed Winner Certificate – 100€ per certificate + shipping


Deadlines of the LOOP Hotel Awards 2022:

– Registrations and Nominations – Until December 2021
– Jury Voting and Evaluation – January 2022
– Winners Announcement – February 2022


All the winners of LOOP Hotel Awards will receive the exclusive and customized winners package:
– Exclusive and customised Winner Trophy
– One framed Winner Certificate
– One complementary copy of LOOP Yearbook edition
– Winners Badge for Property promotion
– Complementary Winner Gifts (LOOP Pencil, Winners Stickers and LOOP Notebook)

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