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Want to find out more about LOOP Hotel Awards? These are the most common questions our team receives in the email box.

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Which Properties are eligible to enter?

The LOOP Hotel Awards are open to Nominations from all properties around the world. LOOP Review Team and selected judges will assess the submitted nominations and select the Nominated Properties for the Award . Concepts and/or unbuilt properties are still not accepted for submission for LOOP Hotel Awards 2022. 
The LOOP Hotel Awards is an international awards program and properties from all countries are welcome.

2022 Entry Deadlines

Registration Nomination Timeline
From July 2021 until December 2021
Selected Nominations Process
From July 2021 until December 2021

Jury Voting process will take place exclusively online in January 2022.

All the Winners of LOOP Hotel Awards 2022 will be announced in late January 2022.

Entry Fees

LOOP Hotel Awards 2022 Entry Fees
350€ per Property
+150€ per extra Category
+150€ per extra Geographic Level

Additional fees (optional)
Extra Customised Trophy +250€ + shipping
Extra Customised Framed Certificate +150€ + shipping
Extra Yearbook +100€ + shipping

How to Enter

LOOP Hotel Award is designed as a complete online platform for the convenience of the properties by submitting all the information and materials online in a simple and easy process with our team support at all times. All the self-nominations can be made through our online entry system or through direct email contact.
Step 1. Nomination online – LOOP Hotel Awards
Step 2. Submit all the Property information
Step 3. Publication and Promotion

Nomination Information

All the Nominations to LOOP Hotel Awards must be entered exclusively online using our online nomination form. A Nomination is considered valid after the completed nomination form is successfully received by LOOP Hotel Awards and Nomination payment is confirmed.

Nomination Information
– Property Name (required)
– Address
– Website (required)
– Property type (required)
– Award Category (required)
– Primary Contact Name (required)
– Role / Position in the establishment (required)
– Primary contact Email address (required)
– Property manager Name (optional)
– Property manager Email (optional)
– Property manager direct contact (optional)
– Company Name (required)
– Billing Address (optional)
– VAT Number (optional)

Additional Information after approval
– Description text of the property (250 to 350 words)
– Short resume of the property (max. 60 words)
– Services & Amenities list
– Up to 12 High resolution photos of the property (horizontal layout)

We only accept single images and no collages. Make sure you have the photography rights and permission to submit to LOOP Hotel Awards.
Submitted images must not exceed 4MB per file and be no more than 5000 pixels on the longest side. Images must be saved as JPEGs (.jpg, .jpeg).

Who is the Jury of LOOP Hotel Awards?

The LOOP Hotel Awards honourable and prestigious Jury Panel is composed of recognised Architects, Designers, Editors, Photographers, Travel experts and Digital influencers.

The judging process of the LOOP Hotel Awards is designed to reflect the great qualities and complexity of all the nominated properties – Luxury, Individuality, Architecture & Design, Character, Details, Location, Culture, Services, Comfort, Amenities, Gastronomy, Well-being, Staff and Service, among many other aspects. Our exceptional panel of jurors will be asked to rate and evaluate each of the submitted Propertiies based on their diverse qualities.

Winners Benefits

The winners of the LOOP Hotel Awards are all eligible to receive the Winners Package, with their Property highlighted and featured on LOOP Hotel Awards Winners directory throughout the coming year and a lifetime customised winner page. We will also feature all the Winners on our Social Networks, Marketing channels, Newsletters and through the LOOP Design Awards marketing channels. All winners will receive one Customised LOOP Winner wood trophy without any extra cost.

Winners Package?

Winners Package – All the winners of LOOP Hotel Awards will receive the package without any additional cost.
– Winner Trophy – Customised LOOP Winner wood trophy, hand-made in Spain using sustainable wood.
– Winner Certificate – Customised framed Winner certificate with Property name , Country / City and Winning category
– LOOP Hotel Awards Yearbook – One full page in the LOOP Hotel Awards Winners Yearbook
– Winner badge for online promotion – Customised with Winner category
– Property featured online in LOOP Hotel Awards Winners directory
– Property featured in LOOP Hotel Awards social networks and Newsletter
– Property Promotion – Shared through LOOP editorial network and partners, including Media Partners and LOOP Design Awards extensive Network


Will you organize a Winners Ceremony?

We decided not to organize a winning ceremony or an award gala yet. We believe that all the galas and events are incredibly charming but they also make the awards extremely expensive for all the participants. Our team decided to focus on what is more important: the Nominated Properties. So we decided to create a more affordable and accessible Award and focus all our attention and commitment to the promotion and highlight of the best nominated properties.

How are the winners announced?

All the winners are going to be announced online in LOOP Hotel Awards website – – and also through all our Media Partners, social platforms and Marketing channels. Also, all the voting process is going to happen online in a dedicated platform and it will be an easy and simple process.

Winners announcement timeline:

  • Shortlist announcement
  • Best of the Year winners announcement


The LOOP Hotel Awards 2022 is composed by more than 140 different categories. A Property can be Nominated for more than one category.
Check all the Categories here

Geographic Levels

All Properties compete on four different geographic levels, selected by participants:
International Level – Include all continents, regions and countries.
Continental Level – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia.
Regions Level – Northern America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Northern Africa, West & Central Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Central & South Asia, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Australasia, South Pacific & Oceania.
Countries Level – Include all 195 recognized countries.

Only entries competing in the same geographic level compete against each other.
International level is applied by default to all participating Properties, while Continental, Region and Country level is available as an option.

Can we Nominate a property in more than one category?

Yes, a Property can be nominated in several categories.
Each additional category have an extra cost of 150€.

Can we Nominate a property in more than one Geographic Level?

Yes, a Property can be nominated to multiple Geographic Levels.
Each additional Geographic Level have an extra cost of 100€.

Can we change or edit the Categories?

After the Property is submitted, you are able to change between Categories. After it is approved for Jury, it will not be possible to change the Nomination Category.

Can we edit our property after submit?

After the Property is submitted, you are able to change Property Information. After it is approved for Jury, it will not be possible to change Information.
You will always be able to update important information and also after the jury voting has taken place.


About LOOP Hotel Awards

LOOP Hotel Awards Team was created by a small group of architects, designer and a photographer spread all across the globe.  Together, we decided to create a new Hotel awards mainly focused on the Hotels and their design potential and not for commercial purposes only. All our team members are based in different countries such as USA, Portugal, and Japan and because of this, we had very different background experiences while creating the platform.

In 2020, we launched the LOOP Design Awards and iit is already on its second, with more than 500 entries across the globe.
In 2021, LOOP company registration took place in Portugal and it is now a group of three award programs – LOOP Design Awards, LOOP Hotel Awards and LOOP Firm Awards (to be launched in 2022).

Where is this new award from?

All our team is based in different countries and we collaborate online – USA, Portugal and Japan – Let’s say we are global.

In 2021, LOOP company registration took place in Portugal for the ease of coordination between all the team involved.

When was LOOP Hotel Awards created?

LOOP Design Awards team started to plan and work together back in 2019 and the first edition of LOOP Design Awards was officially created in March 2020.
After the huge success of the first edition of LOOP Design Awards, our team started planning the launch of LOOP Hotel Awards 2022, which was launched in July 2021.

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